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This is a universal program that is meant to:
for young people who want to spend a year discovering more about themselves and the world and figuring out which direction they want to take in life
for young people who have already chosen a certain direction, are already working or studying
This project is taking place in Latvia and in the Latvian language.


In general, it includes:

  • 30 practical lessons/seminars

  • 7 lectures

  • 4 guest lectures

  • 3 excursions

  • 4 outings and retreats

  • 1 international exchange project

  • 7 mentoring hours for individual project development

Download and explore the program of activities


The program is built on 7 values that will help you to reach the clarity you want. We aim to:

To be free - to be an individuality: Starting with the Renaissance, one of the basic questions of humanity is whether a person is a free being in general or not. The most famous philosophers, later psychologists, anthropologists, sociologists, writers, poets, and other researchers of society and man tried to answer this question. As part of this course, we will read a work of Rudolf Steiner's The Philosophy of Freedom, which summarizes the conclusions of all the major authors. We will practically delve into our thinking, discover its power and train a new - living thinking in us.

To be confident - to be creative: Music, art and cinema were the most influential artistic languages through which we can observe the fastest development in the history of art, as well as the fastest decline. Over the past 100 years, more masterpieces and works of the highest order have been created in all branches of art than ever before combined. However, what is art and how it developed in the framework of history is a complex question that we will study and try to answer during the course. Let's learn to become artists ourselves, go to exhibitions and become knowledgeable about classics and modern art masterpieces.


To be social - to be open: There are so many different crises and conflicts in the world now than ever before. What is the social reality today and what can I, as an individual in society, do for the sake of a common future? Let's try to go deeper and find out the reasons and explanations of the world's global events in order to understand our future perspectives and needs. Let's learn to see and distinguish lies from the truth, let's practice looking broadly at social and global events. Let's get acquainted with the ideas of social tripartism, which are the basis of many alternative thinking initiatives and companies operating around the world.

To be wise - to be difficult to manipulate: In today's world, it has been stylish for a long time to do what you like. However, if you only do and are interested in what you like, a person will imperceptibly enter a situation of stagnation. For such a person, any external changes will become a crisis and a shock, which will force him to adapt to the given circumstances. On the other hand, if a person constantly learns about the world and its possibilities, in any circumstances he will be able to create his own conditions and attitude according to the existing situation. Every month, we will invite or visit an extraordinary lecturer from various fields. We will have the opportunity to get acquainted with unique operational approaches in various professions.

To be sensitive - to be clear in your direction: If you could express the essence of the culture in the world in one sentence, it would probably sound like this: "Enjoy, Everything is Yours!". In the mass and blind consumption of the fruits of culture, it is hard not to notice the pervasive alienation between people in the last 30 years, which is already becoming terrifying. Despite the efforts of space explorers, in the next few lifetimes, we will have to live and cooperate with the people who live here on earth, among us, and among whom we live. During outings, we will practice reviving our social senses, which have almost completely atrophied under the influence of culture.

To be flexible - to be brave: "My body is the temple of my spirit" - the ancient Greeks nobly believed. Nowadays, people don't even seem to ask the question, "what is my body?" Or settle for the simplest answers. The body has become a sexualized object, after which people lose not only large sums of money but also their health, without fully understanding what and why they are doing. As part of the course, we will have the opportunity to attend Botmer's gymnastics training, which is based on understanding the interrelationship of the human body, feelings, willpower and thinking. We will also train, using our body and adaptability in improvisation and social game classes.

Be to others: Without understanding how others think, I will never understand myself. As part of the program, an exchange project with like-minded young people who implement similar projects around the world is planned. Estimated time February / March. More information will follow as the event approaches.

These descriptions do not include statistics or any other academic arguments that could support the above. However, any reasonable person understands their truth and can independently find a data-based justification for every thought or statement made. The expressed 7 values indicate the direction to which the young person aspires in our course and what everyone can achieve. If, while reading them, some emotions have arisen, such as agreement, joy, disagreement, anger, questions, then you must definitely come to a first meeting, where we will talk about everything planned.

Starptautiskis projekts
International project.png


The modern world has reached a certain culmination of development politically, socially and morally several decades ago, after which we observe rapid degradation. We have crossed the threshold and we are now living in an era that could be defined as: “The era of scarcity of new ideas”. More and more often we hear: "It's impossible to think of anything better!" Why do we naively believe it? Maybe it's the other way around - the outdated educational and social system has dulled our thinking so much that we are no longer able to come up with anything new. Together with creators of an alternative way of thinking and a human-oriented future, experts from various fields and from all over Europe, we will work on this topic: "What can be an ecological and human society structure that meets today's needs?" We will cooperate with young people from Georgia, who have been working in a similar direction for a long time. As part of the project, we will host a group of young people from Georgia for a week, and we will go to Georgia for one week. The project language is English.

To learn more, feel free to contact us, or come to the first meeting on October 25.

Brvprātīgais darbs

The volunteer work opportunity is basically intended for young people who are in search of themselves and during the next year want to get better acquainted with a certain profession, or the opportunities provided by Latvia in general. Basically, volunteering involves going where a helping hand is needed. We will definitely agree on the most suitable volunteer place or places. Those young people who have taken advantage of volunteer work opportunities admit that it greatly changes their perception of the world, the importance of other people's work, and other people's experiences.


The first meeting is designed so that all those interested in the program can better familiarize themselves with the idea, plan and direction of the program. Everyone will have the opportunity to ask their questions, as well as decide in what format he/she wants to participate in the program. The registration of all participants and the signing of the agreement will also take place at this meeting.

It will take place in Riga, Avotu Street 31, on October 25, pl. 18.00 We will definitely wait for you!

Reach out to us for more:
(+371) 27560150
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