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Momentum Latvia

Momentum Latvia, founded in 2017, is an Anthroposophical youth foundation.

Our members organize events of various scales, such as discussion evenings, lectures, meetings, art events, seminars, youth training, conferences. We mostly operate in Latvia, however, there has been and continues to be cooperation with young people from: Lithuania, Estonia, Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Georgia, and other countries.


The foundation's major purpose is to create conditions that might support young people on the path to recognizing and strengthening their individuality and "I". Organize different-scale events where young people may network, interact, and come together to find and lay the groundwork for a bright and better future.


Due to a Corona virus we had to transform our previous work into something different.  From very wide and public work we came to very narrow and deep processes. For more than a two years we were organizing a group of young people who are really inspired by ideas of Anthroposophy and Threefolding. And now we are strong and inspired enough to make step towards a new beginning. 

We are open for any kind of cooperation - feel free to contact us: (+371) 27560150 ;

Let's find our own individual begging into collective change. 

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