Everyone in this world has been created with his unique inner potential to realize himself and give it to the world. Only by revealing and reaching for a perfection of one's potential, the true meaning of life is revealed. We are each a piece of a puzzle in the great world, and only when we find our place in it, we can feel meaningful. Our goal is supporting people on their way to awareness and the opening of their potential in the name of our common future.



Youth training week inDaba inLatvia 2019

The purpose of the training week is to bring together young people, aged 18 to 35, from different countries, experiences, and with different life stories to talk about contemporary society and the role of the individual in it.

09.10.2019. / Together further

Together further is Momentum Latvia`s foundation iniciative to bring all young people together and bring up a discussion around questions that we all struggle. We can do more, we can get to know what is the meaning of life and what is actually hapening behind our daily routine. Are we living up to our potential? 


Training Week InDaba InLatvia 2019

Baltic Waldorf Youth Conference 2019



We believe in the unique potential of every individual who, in deciding today, can open up tomorrow so that it creates a meaningful and beautiful future for all of us. We stand of everyone's opportunity to be authentic and conscientious, to cultivate ourselves and to realize our potential, to dare to start our own initiatives, to cooperate and to develop, to hear and to be heard.




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