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Youth Conference 2018 - Indaba Latvia 

“Be the change you wish to see in the world” is the main inspiration for our international youth conference that will be held at the Adazi Free Waldorf School from June 25th to July 1st. 

The purpose of the conference is to bring together young people, aged 18 to 35, from different countries, experiences, and with different life stories to talk about contemporary society and the role of the individual in it.


What is happening in the world? What are the tasks of our civilization? How can we influence the events currently unfolding in the world? Should we change anything? How can we recognize our potential in the puzzle of the world?

We will disentangle these and many other issues with inspirational and experienced mentors from United States, Brazil, Germany, Switzerland, the Netherlands, and Latvia.


-Who am I?

The question to which many people are still unable to answer. Many are looking for an answer to this question all their lives. It is possible to think about this subject for a long time, however, in today's fast-paced world, decisions must be made quickly. But how do you know the right direction to go, if you do not know who you are and where you are going?


-What is society? Do I need to change something?

This is the second most important topic for the conference. We will come together and look for answers, to understand what's happening in today's world. Why are relationships between people in modern society so impersonal and selfish? Why is it that we have hundreds of friends in social media, but we are lonely and are often unfulfilled? What are the tasks of our civilization? Can this system of societies, which has evolved for thousands of years, be changed and should it change for you? How critical is my role in a complex society?


This conference is organized for young people who have a lot of questions about themselves and the world in which we live. The idea of the conference is to help answer the questions that cannot be answered by oneself.


Orland Bishop: Professional mentor and consultant who draws from a rich experience with young people worldwide. His concern is primarily the strengthening of self-development, and small as well as large-scale healing of our social structures. He lives in Los Angeles, where he supported peace processes out of a culture of violence amongst the major city gangs. In addition, he is involved in various kinds of training, human rights, and cultural renewal.


Jannis m. Keuerleber: Combines the exercise of mindful observation and attentiveness to a practice of shared understanding. In the arts, he found a rich field to school consciousness towards an awareness of the subtle processes in groups and nature as in our soul and mind. His work is dedicated to making healing principles of initiation a guideline for education, organizational & individual development and leadership.


Rebekka Kreisel: Is a professional social art and drama director specialized in work with young people. Her unique approach draws from profound experience in social dynamics, the art and practice of movement and bodywork, and love for the poetics of truth and processes. This is also reflected in her dedication to the beauty of speech and the power of the word.


The total cost of the conference for 7 days is 180EUR. This includes all of the mandatory expenses such as:


  • Accommodation

  • Three meals a day and some snacks for coffee brakes

  • All the materials needed for the art activities

  • Transportation for the excursion. 


In order to reserve your place in the conference, we would like you to transfer 100 euros. The rest of the amount we will ask you to pay when you come to the conference. If it is possible, we would be happy if the whole amount is transferred. Please provide your full name in the payment order.


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