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Youth Training week 2019




    The purpose of the training week is to bring together young people, aged 18 to 35, from different countries, experiences, and with different life stories to talk about contemporary society and the role of the individual in it.



Are you familiar with the most beautiful light and most frightening darkness that lives within you?

Do you know how to deal with it?


 How can I recognize my potential in the puzzle of the world? What is happening in the world and what is my roll in it? Are we heading in the right direction as a society, or not? What can I change and should I change anything?

During our 7 day training week with the guidance of our experienced mentors we will try to answer the most important questions of ours.

    The total cost of the conference for 7 days is only 90 EUR. This includes all of the mandatory expenses such as:

  • Accommodation

  • Three meals a day and some snacks for coffee brakes

  • All the materials needed for the art activities

  • Transportation for the excursion. 

In order to reserve your place in the training week, we would like you to transfer 50 euros. The rest of the amount we will ask you to pay when you come to the conference. If it is possible, we would be happy if the whole amount is transferred. Please provide your full name in the payment order.


8:00-8:30      -  Body work

8:30-8.45      -  Mediation

9:00-10:00    -  Breakfast

10:00-10:30  -  Singing

10:30-12.30  -  Morning session

13:00-14.00  -  Lunch

14:00-15.00  -  FREE TIME

15:00-17.30  -  Group work, explore the unknown territory of yourself, Arts & Play

18.00-19:00  -  Dinner

20.00-...        -  Closing ceremony of The Day and Reflection


             Indaba in Zulu language means – I have something important to say to you. Most of us have forgotten the importance of storytelling and the power it holds for the future. All stories bring meaning and all of them are with coded messages to every one of us. For us human beings it is very important to listen to stories and to express our own, most importantly feel that the world sees and interacts with it.

InDaba inLatvia will be the third International Youth Training week, that takes a place at Adazi Free Waldorf School. Last training weeks were unbelievably inspiring for every participant and organizing team and this time together changed us, changed our perspective, our vision of how to see the world around. We became more powerful and inspired by things that we have wanted to do.


"This week was incredibly amazing! Thank you so much everyone for creating this magical Indaba. It was a big transition point in my life and I really appreciate what all of you have done for me. I cannot believe it's already over but I know that, when it's the right time and the right place we will meet again. See you soon crazy beautiful people."



"Indaba is for me a form of coming together that allows and makes it possible for everyone and everything to appear in its real being. And while making this possible it creates a common reality with an impact. The impact belongs to the future. INDABA creates future. A common future. Through INDABA I have a stronger connection to what I am able to bring to the world."


You are so welcome to join!

Stay tuned!

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25th of June - 2nd of July, 2019

Adazi Free Waldorf School (Latvia)

For youth in the age of 18 to 35




Jannis M. Keuerleber



Combines the exercise of mindful observation and attentiveness to a practice of shared understanding. In the arts, he found a rich field to school consciousness towards an awareness of the subtle processes in groups and nature as in our soul and mind. His work is dedicated to making healing principles of initiation a guideline for education, organizational & individual development and leadership.


Rebekka Kreisel



Is a professional social art and drama director specialized in work with young people. Her unique approach draws from profound experience in social dynamics, the art and practice of movement and bodywork, and love for the poetics of truth and processes. This is also reflected in her dedication to the beauty of speech and the power of the word.

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