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           The  idea of the project is to serve as a bridge between Baltic youth to build a space where is a possibility to know each others as well as to know oneself. It’s an exciting and perhaps tense period, as this important life span of school is about to be over. Therefore it would be fruitful to come together with people sharing similar struggles - the moment before stepping into the “big world” of possibilities. We will gather together for a few days to discuss, share, inspire, act, exchange and celebrate.

But what to choose and how to act? What is this “big world” and how to be in it?

Conference will provide various workshops and lectures that will help young people to get closer to themselves and connect with others.

Conference's aim is to empower and strengthen youth, to make young people feel that they can choose and act for what they truly believe in, take initiative and make a difference in the world for future generations and themselves.

 This will be a fulfilling conference that will be created together. Young people from the Baltics will be able to find new friends, ideas and stories of what is life and how can they participate in it with courage. Skilled and inspiring mentors from all over the world will bring a very special dynamic to these days.

You are so welcome to join!

Stay tuned!

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Mornings will start with movement and community singing.

Followed by an interesting lecture on the world issues, humanity struggles and self development.

Afternoon 5-6 workshops to choose from led by Waldorf teachers and mentors on various topics.

Evening events - concerts, initiative space, cultural exchange and other activities.

Throughout these days many meals will be shared together in a newly created community.



21st - 24th of March, 2019

Adazi Free Waldorf School (Latvia)

Current 12th graders and graduates

from Latvia, Estonia and Lithuania

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